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There are just some people who can’t seem to sleep comfortably when they are not in their own beds. For travelers, this can be incredibly disappointing especially while battling jetlag and other inconveniences. Here are some sleeping strategies to help the restless traveler wind down:


Image source: Pexels.com

Ask for a quiet room: When booking a hotel room, a guest can ask for one that is far from the hotel’s special amenities. For example, travelers who need quiet should book rooms two or three floors above banquet halls and pools. Light-sleeping guests should also ask for rooms far from laundry areas and elevators.

Use dark curtains: Dark curtains are truly helpful in keeping the lights out. This is especially important for guests who came from red-eye flights and want to catch up on a few hours of sleep.

Avoid smoking rooms: Some guests aren’t aware that they have booked smoking rooms. Non-smoking guests and even those with asthma and allergies should make sure to get non-smoking rooms to prevent further discomfort.

Take a warm bath: A warm bath before bed helps the body temperature drop especially after long hours of traveling. Feeling clean and fresh can also help a person feel more relaxed.


Image source: Pexels.com

Bring sleeping aids: A comfy blanket, a trusted pillow, lavender mist, and other sleeping aids should be brought to help a person feel rested and at home even while staying at a hotel. In other places, guests can ask for sleeping masks and earplugs so that they won’t have to deal with distractions while getting their precious slumber.

John Jefferis is a Bermuda-based hotelier most recognized as the chairman and sole shareholder of Coco Reef Resort located in Bermuda and Tobago. Visit this blog to know more about the hotel industry.