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The hospitality industry revolves around excellent service and impeccable relations with customers. But from time to time, hotels and other accommodations encounter unreasonable customers with big demands. It could be that they had a long flight or have been stressed all day long. For whatever reason, customers should be treated with dignity and respect. Here are some ways to handle unreasonable customers.

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Arguing with customers may resolve issues, but it does nothing to de-escalate the situation. If a mistake was made by either party, do not argue with the customer even if you have a sound logical argument. Offer the best service available to help them feel better.

Listen to your customer and find out what they need as opposed to what they want. If they are checking in in the middle of the night and there are disputes regarding their reservations, make them as comfortable as possible while the issue is being addressed. Offer them coffee or tea, comfortable seats, anything that can remove some of their stress.

If a customer loses their temper and starts shouting, remain calm and polite. Keep in mind that this is not an attack on you. Find ways to calm them down first. Think of a solution that is fair to both parties. If their demands are unreasonable and hotel policies do not allow their request, express sympathy before informing them of the decision.

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